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Poulton South

Your Labour Councillors for Poulton South
Councillor Lottie Ladbury

Lottie was first elected to represent Poulton South on Warrington Borough Council in May 2010. She is also a parish councillor for the St. Oswalds ward of Poulton-with-Fearnhead Parish Council.

Contact Details

Phone: 01925 630 658

Lottie has lived and worked in the local community for 13 years. As a member of staff at Woolston High School, she spearheaded the campaign against the closure. Lottie is now a practising nurse.

An experienced school governor, Lottie serves on the Warrington East Neighbourhood Board and has a keen interest in education and health issues.

Lottie's enthusiasm for social issues has led to her working with groups such as Amnesty International and, in her spare time, her hobbies and interests include cinema, reading, English Heritage and live music.

Since her election in 2010, local people have praised Lottie’s work in Poulton South. One resident wrote to the Warrington Guardian to commend her “genuine desire to bring more to the area” and “determination to do the job well”.
(Source: Points of View, Warrington Guardian, 12th August 2010)

Councillor Colin Froggatt

Colin was re-elected to Warrington Borough Council in May 2012. He is also a parish councillor for the Bruche ward of Poulton-with-Fearnhead Parish Council.

Contact Details

Phone: 01925 812 288

Colin has now represented this area since Warrington became a Unitary Council in 1998. He has a vast experience of Council and local Ward issues. He has served as Cabinet Member for Social Services and is currently Cabinet member for Children and Young Peoples Services. Under his guidance Warrington has become one of the top performing Local Authorities in the Country for educational attainment and has managed to improve Child Protection Services from the previous Lib Dem/Tory Administrations' "failing Children in care" to that of being a Council that is Performing Well.

As well as dealing with the professional and technical issues on the Council he is also aware of the many local problems and has sought to represent the people of Poulton South to the best of ability. He has lived in the area for many years and has raised a family in the area.

Poulton South councillors Colin and Lottie have been working hard throughout our area on the issues that you have brought to their attention. Last year, they were delighted to welcome Hilary Benn MP (the Shadow Leader of the House of Commons) to Warrington North. Hilary is pictured right with Colin and Lottie during his visit.

Your Parish Councillors in Poulton South

The team in Poulton South are backed by hard-working Labour parish councillors who continue to fight for improvements to our community. Their names and details, listed by ward, are below:

Bruche Ward
Cllr. Colin Froggatt
Cllr. Ian Johnson
Cllr. Pat Wright
Cllr. Brian Maher

St. Oswalds Ward
Cllr. Lottie Ladbury
Cllr. Clem Lawton 

Poulton with Fearnhead Parish Council meets every month at Poulton Fearnhead Community and Youth Centre, Insall Road, Padgate (adjacent to the local shopping centre). Meetings are open to the public and anyone is welcome to attend.

You can contact any of your Labour parish councillors - along with Colin and Lottie - by calling 01925 419 481.

Latest News in Poulton South

-   PCSOs making a difference in Poulton South

At their February meeting, Poulton-with-Fearnhead Parish Councillors heard a police report from PC Darren Burns.

It was noted that the Parish Council-funded PCSO continues to make a significant impact in the area supporting the neighbourhood team with reducing crime, and February's figures were testament to this.

Councillors had questions and gave feedback, and both welcomed the figures and thanked the Police for working with the local community.

The Parish Council was eager to promote initiatives with the police which are assisting with improvements in reducing crime locally, and include Cheshire Police Alert – where registered users can subscribe to receive community information as e-mail, text or voicemail to your landline.

This can be done online at or by completing a pro-forma which can be obtained at Fearnhead Community and Youth Centre, Insall Road and elsewhere in public buildings.

The public can also follow on Twitter @WarrEastNPU to get updates from Warrington East Neighbourhood Policing Unit.

Cllr Ian Johnson, Chair of the Parish Council said: "Whilst crime has a very serious impact on individuals and businesses, neither the Police or the Parish Council will become complacent. It is great to hear that figures are encouraging at present and that this is in no small way due to decisions made and the joint working and funding which enable those."

He encouraged both residents and businesses to register to receive important details from the police at a very specific local level. Awareness of anything physically occurring including traffic details, any suspicious activity or trends in the area is a valuable tool in protecting against crime.

-   Poulton with Fearnhead Parish Council supporting Bennetts Recreation Ground

At its January meeting, Poulton-with-Fearnhead Parish Council decided to seek quotes for undertaking a small and selective operation of tree pruning and thinning on Bennetts Recreation Ground. Subject to budgets, they hope to arrange works for the copse area approaching the pond in the autumn.

The need for such works was identified and all agreed that this would benefit the wooded area and allow the best species and specimen of trees to thrive. This would enhance opportunities for other flora and fauna too.

A small number of bats can be observed during late evenings in high summer at the Recreation Ground, which is a great sign of natural health of the area. No evidence of roosts are apparent on the Recreation Ground and, with this in mind and to co-inside with the British Trust for Ornithology’s National Nest Box Week (14 – 21 February), the Parish Council agreed to look at opportunities and locations for installation of a number of bat boxes.

Cllr Ian Johnson, Chair of the Parish Council said:
"Our recreation ground is a brilliant asset to the community and is well loved and used by many for sport and casual leisure.

"The Parish Council acknowledge the value of the Recreation Ground as local green lungs and a haven for wildlife, and are active in supporting and enhancing opportunities for wildlife to inhabit or use the Ground, which is great for them and great for local residents to see and enjoy."

-   Woolston Park consultation update

291 people have returned the survey on the Council’s planned £70,00 investment in Woolston Park this financial year - with a further £70,000 set for the 2014/15 financial year.

Returns were overwhelmingly completed by people who regularly use the park – 87% of respondents use the park at least once a month.

The outcome showed priorities for investment.

The survey suggested a number of ideas for investment in the park and asked respondents to prioritise these. The order of priority according to the 177 respondents who answered this question within the consultation showed:-

1. Improvements to the main pond by the stream
2. Play equipment
3. Footpath maintenance
4. Improvements to park furniture
5. Thinning and pruning of trees throughout the park
6. Floodlit astroturf pitch
7. Football pitches
8. New noticeboards throughout the park
Poulton With Fearnhead Parish Council will be discussing the results of the survey at their January meeting.

-   Helen Jones MP's Paddington "mobile surgery" update

Whilst out with her team recently, Helen Jones MP spoke to residents in Poulton South. Discussing local issues and what should be the priorities in the community are the main focus of Helen's "mobile surgeries". Visiting residents on Northdale Road, people told Helen their concerns about pot holes, the poor state of the pavements and the long running parking issues at the shops and by the School.
Helen Jones MP said: "People have said that they feel under-served by the council given that these issues have been going on for some time. I have contacted Warrington Borough Council and asked them take action."

-   Your Labour team in Poulton South support World Mental Health Day

Your Labour team in Poulton South are delighted to support World Mental Health Day and are thrilled that Fearnhead Community and Youth Centre has been chosen as a location to celebrate the day, which falls on Thursday 10 October this year.

Between 10am and 2pm, Warrington Borough Council’s mental health outreach creative remedies team will be present, providing service information in addition to activities for anyone that wishes to try them.

These include Tai Chi, Visual Arts, EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques which offers instant relief and relaxation through the simple art of tapping - walking football and more.

All are welcome, so please come along on the day. There will be opportunity to discuss with the Council your thoughts on improving the service.

Fearnhead Community and Youth Centre is located off Insall Road, by the shopping area adjacent to Chester University Academy (the former Padgate High School).

-   Woolston Urban Ecology Park Update

Back in 2009/10, the Borough Council were leading on the £1.3 million Woolston Urban Ecology Park project; a major scheme regarding a 300m stretch of the old New Cut Canal and the site off Manchester Road known as the former glue works. The project involved cleaning and reclaiming a section of canal, owing to the heavy contaminants present, and was a multi agency scheme with Liverpool John Moores University, Peel Holdings, WRAP and the Environment Agency involved.

The New Cut restoration project created habitats, with massively improved access for the public, whilst being a demonstration to show novel wetland and contaminated land restoration techniques.

The old glue works and canal have been a designated Local Wildlife Site for a number of years now, remaining quite undisturbed and sitting adjacent to Paddington Meadows with Woolston Eyes just over the water. The area is rich in wildlife - there’s ponds, hedgerows, fruit trees, areas of tall vegetation, open water and wildflowers all drawing in a range of insects, birds, amphibians and mammals.

Poulton-with-Fearnhead and Woolston Parish Councils, along with a group of interested local residents, are now steering forwards on the heritage side of the site. They are focussing on the New Cut Heritage and Ecology Trail. The Ecology Park already exists at New Cut Lane and the heritage aspect is evolving through research. The Parish Councils committed £500 towards a leaflet to promote the Trail in May and are discussing this with the Borough Council. In addition, Poulton-with-Fearnhead Parish Council is funding a lamp post-mounted sign to show one of the access points and increase awareness of the site for residents, which is opposite the Dog and Partridge public house on Manchester Road.

One key area of focus (from a heritage point of view) is that of Old Billy the horse. The New Cut Canal was originally constructed in 1821 to bypass large bends in the River Mersey and to improve the navigation of the tidal river section for boats travelling from Liverpool up to Manchester.  Industry along the canal consisted of a chemical works, a gun powder factory, a tannery and an abattoir. Horses were used to pull the Mersey flat boats along the canal and Old Billy was one of the most well-known.

Old Billy was a working horse from this area that pulled canal and river barges on the Mersey and Irwell navigation system. What made Old Billy unique, and prompted the Manchester Museum and the Museum of Bedford to give him floor space, was his unusual age. Old Billy was born in 1760, living his life as a plough horse or towing on the waterways and dying in 1822, giving a lifespan of an incredible 62 years. The average age of the domestic horse is only between twenty and twenty-five years.

Bred on Wild Grave Farm in Woolston as a plough horse, he was bought about 1763 by the navigation company and towed boats until 1819 when he was retired to a farm in Latchford. The evidence supporting these facts about the life of this remarkable animal comes from four main sources - paintings of two nineteenth century artists, Charles Towne and William Bradley, reports in the press (particularly the Manchester Guardian), the Earle family records (closely associated with the Old Billy story) and the fact that his skull and stuffed head were preserved.

The site is easily accessed and if any of you would like to do some recording down there you’d be very welcome. The Parish Council and local interest group are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to provide their time and information so that the programme can grow into a viable community resource. If you feel that you can contribute time or expertise, both of wildlife or history (photos are a valuable resource) or even talk to the team about your life in the area, then e-mail parish councillor Jim Greenslade on with your thoughts.

-   Councillors seek your views on Woolston Park investment

The Borough Council’s Parks and Woodlands Service are commencing a consultation process with users of Woolston Park and local residents, to aid the decision making process regarding future improvements.

The Labour-run Council have committed £70,000 to the park this year, and the same sum again in 2014. They are seeking views on patterns of use of the park, and for local people to mark three priorities for spending from a list including:-

>  Footpath maintenance;
>  Improvements to "park furniture" (seating, bins etc);
>  New notice boards throughout the park;
>  Play equipment;
>  Thinning and pruning of trees throughout the park;
>  Football pitches;
>  Improvements to the main pond by the stream;
>  Floodlit astro-turf pitch.

Parish Cllr Ian Johnson, along with Borough and Parish councillors Lottie Ladbury and Colin Froggatt encourage residents and regular users to have their say and help to shape the future of the park. They have worked closely with the community to secure this much-needed funding and are delighted at the investment that will now be forthcoming.

The closing date for survey returns is 22 September 2013, and hard copies are available at the Woolston Show on Sunday 1 September, in public buildings, and on the Borough Council website.

-   Paddington Meadows update - 20th May 2012

As reported recently in the Warrington Guardian, Parish Councillor Ian Johnson met with local residents and walkers by Paddington Meadows at the access gateway on Larkfield Avenue.

Being a frequent visitor, Cllr Johnson said: "The problem causing a concern was evident, with the surface hollowing out through heavy use, and retaining water after rainfall. Users of this brilliant green space, which is recognised as a site of importance for nature conservation, had taken steps themselves to enable passage through the turn-style gate by installing slabs and bricks."

Cllr Johnson supported site users and looked to quickly create a safe and dry surface in which a large number of walkers could pass onto the meadow.

The issue was raised with the Borough Council, and a permanent safe surface of compressed stones was created, to the delight of many.

Cllr Johnson thanked those involved with this remedy for their speedy response at a meeting of the New Cut Heritage and Ecology Group. The Group are looking at a joined up enhancement Management Plan, and promotion by leaflet and web based information, of the Woolston Walkway (financially supported by your Labour run Woolston Parish Council), the new £1.25 million Borough Council Ecology Park, and the Meadows at Paddington.

The Ecology Park has Great Crested Newts – which are prized and a protected species, amongst a mass of other fauna and flora, and your local Ward and Parish Councillors want to make the area (adjacent to the A57 Manchester Road) as widely known as possible, for the enjoyment of all.

-  Investment in Woolston Park South

Labour parish councillor Ian Johnson has had various discussions with Council representatives regarding Woolston Park and Woolston Park South (by Manchester Road) over the past few weeks. Ian is very pleased to report that Warrington Borough Council will be spending £70,000 this year and a further £70,000 next year on Woolston Park.

Regular park users and local residents will be consulted on how they would like to see this money spent to enhance the park for maximum benefit for our community.

-  Advice on welfare benefit changes

On Wednesday 27th March, between 10am and 1pm, there will be an event at Fearnhead Community and Youth Centre, Insall Road, Padgate, to alert people to welfare benefit changes and advise them where assistance can be sought. The Council's Neighbourhood Services Team are working with Affinity Sutton Housing and other partners to run this event. Local Labour parish councillors are closely involved.

-  On the case - and on your side

Helen, Lottie and Colin have a reputation in Poulton South as tenacious campaigners for our area. They continue to work to deliver for people here and fight to ensure that this community gets a fair deal. Over the past few months, they have been working hard to address the issues you have brought to their attention. As a result, we’ve seen:

>  Extra attention to Carpenter Grove to tackle reports of dog fouling;
>  The overgrown walkways on the Ecology Park cut back;
>  An application submitted for extra funding to be used on Woolston New Cut;
>  Increased police presence across Poulton South after the Labour-run Parish Council committed to funding a new Police Community Support Officer;
>  Street lighting repairs on Lock Road; and
>  Repairs to the pavements on Cedar Grove and Southdale Road.

And after strong campaigning by your Labour team, two bus shelters are to be erected on Harpers Road adjacent to Carpenter Grove. They are due to be installed before the end of March!

-  Blackbrook Avenue / Padgate Station update

The team in Poulton South are working to address issues of flooding at the pelican crossing on Birchwood Way at the junction with Blackbrook Avenue. Residents reported that, when they have tried to use the crossing at the corner of Bennetts Recreation Ground, they've found it impassable due to the depth of water there. Your Labour councillors are investigating whether drainage could be installed, or the height of the footpath raised slightly to reduce the problem.

At the same time, your Labour councillors have reported the unsafe paving close to the subway at the entrance to Padgate Railway Station. They have asked that the pot holes in this area be attended to quickly and the area made safe for local pedestrians.

Pictured above: Cllr Ladbury at the entrance to Padgate Railway Station where repair works will soon be carried out.

-  Supporting Bennetts Recreation Ground

Labour Parish and Borough Councillors continue to support our local Bennetts Recreation Ground. They are continuing their efforts to make sure that this much-valued facility remains at the heart of our community.

At the same time that the Coalition Government has cut the money available for sport and recreation across the country, the work of your Labour team has resulted in eighteen football teams regularly using the pitches on the Recreation Ground. That means that up to 200 local people — mostly children — use the area to participate in regular sport and outdoor activity.

Cllr Lottie Ladbury, who is both your Borough and Parish Councillor, said: “It is encouraging to see so many people in our area participating in sport and so pleasing that the Labour-run Parish Council can provide such a valued facility."

Green Flag Status for Bruche Park?

Your Labour team are supporting an application for Bruche Park to be awarded Green Flag Status. This is a scheme set up nationally to recognise high standards in our parks and green spaces, and is considered a benchmark of excellence.

Lottie has campaigned tirelessly for improvements to the Park during her time as your councillor. Last year, she reported on the new play equipment that was secured for Bruche through Labour funding.

-   Labour parish councillors in Poulton South working hard for the community

Following May's elections, Labour are now the biggest party on Poulton-with-Fearnhead parish council. Your team of parish councillors work alongside their colleagues at the Town Hall to fight for improvements in our community.

Labour's Ian Johnson (pictured) is the new Chair of Poulton-with-Fearnhead Parish Council. He was elected unopposed at the first Parish Council meeting on May 21st.

Ian Johnson says: "I am proud, along with my other colleagues on the parish council, to once again be serving the community where I have lived with my family for over 20 years. Labour knows that there is a great deal to do across Poulton with Fearnhead. That's why our parish council is made up of a pro-active and determined team of councillors. We will work responsibly to engage with residents and make sure that local initiatives benefit people in Poulton South."

Ian has served as Chair of the Parish Council before (from 2002 to 2004) and is a familiar face to people in Bruche. He was actively involved in bringing Community Policing to the area and has worked relentlessly to provide local youngsters with improved sports facilities.

Already, Ian, Colin and Lottie have set to work on a number of issues - including addressing litter problems in the Padgate Lane area, and working to secure road repairs on Seymour Drive.

-  Poulton South is better off with Labour!

Helen, Lottie and Colin are always out and about in the local community, actively campaigning on the things that matter and speaking up for Poulton South people in the Town Hall and Westminster. You can see the difference they made to this community - that's why people here know that Poulton South is better off with Labour.

>  Improving the local environment — On the Parish Council, Colin and Ian worked to deliver an improved Autumn leaf clearance service for Bruche. Areas like Manchester Road, the Green Lane shops, Sheerwater Close and Bruche Avenue have all benefitted from Labour’s campaign.

>  Protecting Woolston Park - Thanks to the work of your Labour borough and parish councillors, the Manchester Road entrances to Woolston Park benefited from a clean up and refresh.

>  Your Labour councillors successfully campaigned to have local roads — like Springfield Avenue — upgraded.

>  Three schools in Poulton South have been classed as “Outstanding” by Ofsted.
>  A pedestrian crossing has been installed on Harpers Road for the benefit of local residents.

-   Bruche Police Training Centre update

English Partnerships have put forward plans to develop the former Bruche Police Training Centre site for housing. Your local Labour councillors Colin Froggatt and Lottie Ladbury are keeping a critical eye on the plans to ensure that whatever is developed is in keeping with the local area.

Colin is pictured right outside the former Bruche Police Training Centre.

-   Footpaths re-opened!

Local councillors Colin and Lottie, together with local residents, have been successful in getting the footpaths restored adjacent to Bennett’s Recreation Ground. In recent newsletters, they reported on plans by the owner to close the entrances situated on land bordering Eric Avenue and Birchwood Way.

Now, the owner has had a notice served on him to unblock the entrances and this work should be under way in the near future. Colin Froggatt said: “I am delighted that our campaign has been successful. These footpaths are well used by our community and it is right that they should be opened again. Your Labour councillors have worked hard to deliver a positive result for residents — you win!”

Colin is pictured above left at the entrance to one of the footpaths - due to be re-opened soon!

Cleaning Up Our Community

Your Labour Team in Poulton South are working to clean up the litter near St. Oswald’s Church.

Residents reported broken bottles and discarded wrappers around the bus shelter on Padgate Lane. Helen Jones MP, Colin and Lottie (pictured right)  are working to get the area cleaned up and regular work undertaken to keep Poulton South litter free.

-   Green Lane resurfaced at last - thanks to Labour!

Your Labour Team in Poulton South are delighted by the news that Green Lane has had a complete resurfacing at last.

For many years, the state of Green Lane has been the top concern for people living in the area, who have had to suffer from a patchwork of potholes along the road. When the LibDems ran the council, local Labour councillors Colin Froggatt and Lottie Ladbury pressed for this work to be done — and were told that Green Lane would “have to wait”.

But Labour (who now run our Town Hall) have invested more money in road repairs. Colin and Lottie have made good on their election promises and fought to make sure that Poulton South got its fair share.

Labour have been fighting for this work at every level — that’s why Colin and local Labour parish councillor Ian Johnson spoke out in favour of the plans at the Poulton with Fearnhead parish council.

Now, Colin says: “Labour knew that Green Lane was a top priority for people here, and so Lottie and I fought for our area. We made sure that this community got the investment it deserves – at last! This is great news for Poulton South.”

Lottie adds: “Thanks to Labour, Green Lane will now be completely resurfaced — the whole stretch, from Blackbrook Avenue to Woolston High School! I campaigned on this issue for a long time. The LibDems just wanted us to make do with small, ‘patch-up jobs’, but Colin and I knew that wasn’t good enough — which is why our administration has put our money where our mouth is."

Colin and Lottie are pictured above on Green Lane, at the site of the upcoming resurfacing works.

-  Helen Jones MP tackles Hazel Grove issue

Last weekend your local Labour Party Councillors and volunteers were distributing the latest Poulton South newsletter to keep residents up to date with the work that they are doing on your behalf. Whilst delivering these leaflets volunteers were made aware of a telecoms cover on the corner of Hazel Grove that had been damaged by a reversing lorry.

As you can see from the photographs below, the damaged cover was potentially very dangerous and posed a hazard to pedestrians, particularly small children.  

BEFORE                                                       AFTER     

Helen said: "I took immediate action and reported the problem.  As a result a new cover was in place within two hours. The safety of local residents is extremely important to me." 

-   New play equipment for Bruche Park

Lottie has joined Poulton South residents in their delight at the recent investment in our local Bruche Park. The new play equipment is a result of the last Labour government’s “Playbuilder” scheme. That investment from Labour has allowed for new facilities to be installed in the park for use by children in the area.

Lottie (pictured left at the entrance to Bruche Park play area) says: “I’m delighted that the investment from Labour is having a real impact in our local community. Alongside the new equipment, Labour’s campaign locally to smarten up the Park has paid off. There’s now a Ranger stationed in Bruche, and local people have come together to start a “Friends of Bruche Park” group. I’ll be making sure that the upkeep of the park is maintained by the council. If there are any problems, you can get in touch!”

News in Brief from around the ward

Your Poulton South councillors have:-

- Regularly taken your concerns about the state of many of our roads (including Green Lane) to the council in order to press for much-needed repairs.
- Campaigned for works to cut back the overgrown hedgerows on Station Road South.

- Continued to liaise with local police to address road safety problems outside Christ Church Primary School.

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