Warrington deserves full time Head of CCG, says Helen Jones MP

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05 Apr 2018
Helen Jones H&S Warrington North MP Helen Jones says that Warrington deserves a full-time head of its Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

The MP has been asking questions of the government following the appointment of the Chief Officer of Warrington CCG to act as interim Chief Officer in Halton.

Helen Jones MP said:

"The questions my colleague Derek Twigg and I have asked have shown that our Chief Officer is now spending 50% of his time in Halton. This means that neither borough has a full time Chief Officer.

"Given the health problems which Warrington faces and the pressures our hospital is under people here deserve a Chief Officer who is giving Warrington 100% of his time.

"Answers from the government indicate that the decision was made by the leadership team of the Halton CCG, but I am not reassured by the statement that his time is split equally between both CCGs."

She added that she feared that the long term aim might be to merge both CCGs which would mean, "less consideration for Warrington’s particular needs."

The MP said:

"Local people have not been consulted about this and it is yet another example of Warrington being disregarded."

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