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02 Mar 2018
Morgan Tarr Orford Labour councillor Morgan Tarr and Warrington North MP Helen Jones write:

"As you may be aware, Warrington Borough Council are proposing to build a Waste Transfer Site on the A49 between the Winwick Road Skip Hire and the Shell fuel station. We want to reassure you that we are both opposed to this proposal and will be doing all we can to ensure that the site is not built in such close proximity to Orford.

"In our view, placing this site so close to a residential area is unacceptable and the council have not yet addressed any of the serious concerns which we have raised with them. The A49 is heavily congested at the best of times and this proposal will add a significant amount of traffic to this area, with a large number of trucks entering the site on a daily basis. We also have serious reservations regarding the smells which will be coming out of the site and the impact that this will have on local residents. All the council have said so far is that residents will not notice any "major" changes if the facility is built. We don’t feel that this is good enough.

"Warrington Borough Council have not yet submitted a planning application for the site but they hope to open the facility by February 2020. The application which came before the Planning Committee of the council in December 2017 related to the perimeter fence around the site, which we understand will be built regardless of the Waste Transfer facility.

"We need your help to stop this Waste Transfer site. We've launched a petition which you can sign below. It is vital that we collect as many objections to these plans as possible, so that when the matter comes before the Council’s planning committee, we can make the strongest possible case on behalf of the Orford community. Please add your name, and encourage neighbours, friends and family to do the same. We'll continue to make the case as strongly as possible and ensure that your views are represented when the application comes before the Planning Committee."

Please note: By signing the petition below, your details (along with any views, objections or comments) will be passed to the organisation who is making the decision or is responsible for the matter. As this is the Borough Council, your local elected representatives may also receive details of your objections. Please see our privacy policy for more details on how we use the data you provide.

Waste Transfer Site - add your name today!

We, the undersigned, object to any plans to develop a Waste Transfer Site on the A49 Winwick Road.

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