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Our #WIN2015 teams have been out across #Warrington North all weekend with our latest newsletters.

Welcome to Warrington North Labour Party

Welcome to the website of Helen Jones and the Labour Party in Warrington North. This site provides all the information you will need about what Labour is doing for the Warrington North constituency, so you can find all the latest news and updates from your Labour representatives in one place.

This site was established while Helen Jones was a Member of Parliament. As Parliament has been dissolved, there are no Members of Parliament until after the Election on 7th May 2015.
Residents of Warrington North will be going to the polls on 7th May 2015 for the General Election. Helen Jones will be standing once again as your Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate. Show your support for Helen by adding your name here!
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  • I have never seen my Conservative Councillor but Mr Vobe has more than impressed me. So this has made me want to help. I have been trying to sort out our parking and he was campaigning for this as well.
    Neil Johnson
  • Dear Helen Thank you for your responses to my emails asking you to help with various causes I hold dear. Your support is very much appreciated. Kind regards Kirsty
    Kirsty Barr
  • cant we get rid of this goverment any quicker please. we need labour back in goverment
    sandra eaves
  • Carry on the good work Helen, you are doing a great job! Many thanks
    Jean Murphy

  • Denise Gregg
  • you are doing a good job
    jack smith
  • Thank you for your support with opposing plans to develop Peel Hall too often greed wins instead of what is right.What can be done to prevent this repeated attempt to build on this land.
    alfie harrison
  • Keep going Chris good luck.
    Steven Bateman
  • Hi Helen The fight for Vascular Services including major surgery in Warrington must go on. It is a disgrace with what is going on with the NHS under this government. Please keep up the fight Regards R Booth
    Reginald Booth
  • I'm a dis-affected ex Lib Dem who would like to help Labour in the near future. I feel that warrington needs labour to help sort out the broken record that is the lib-con coalition.
    Danny McGuire
  • I am a paediatrician and would like to join the Labour party so that I can make avery active and positive contribution towards our taking our NHS forward from the present difficulties that we face
    Eddy Estlin
  • Proposed removal of Vascular Services to Chester: Keep up your good work, this is a very important issues for the residents of Warrington.
    Jenny Billington
  • I am from a working class family,that have always voted Labour.Now 64 years old,I expect,life and values,to have changed,since I was younger.Even so I would be interesting in helping the Labour Party,to improve,lives of working people today.
    Sandra Barlow
  • I joined the party recently in the hope that it provides a forum where likeminded people can discuss the issues of the day and come up with possible solutions. how can I help locally?
    Richard Scott
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